Paul Talaga

Fuzzpault Technologies LLC

Web Tech. for the Artist
Feb 1 - March 8, 2011

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Sponsored by the Wayne County Arts Alliance, I'll be teaching this 6 week course at the Wayne Highlands Middle School in Honesdale, PA on Tuesdays from 7-9pm. Personal laptops are recommended, but lab computers will be available for those without.

The web can be a great medium to publicize your work and express your own artistic talent on the worldwide stage. This 6 week course will teach you the fundamentals of how the web works, what tools are needed to produce content, and how to design and publish your own website. Rather than teach how to use expensive software from the beginning, we focus on fundamentals and show how a little knowledge and free software can be used to build almost any site from start to finish. Topics covered include HTML, CSS, DNS, site hosting, FTP, digital image editing, search engine optimization (SEO), as well as optional topics including web scripting (PHP), JavaScript, Flash, and AJAX.

Preliminary Schedule

Week 1: Class Intro, How the Internet Works (Overview), Lab Setup

Week 2: HTML, CSS and Friends (Part I)

Week 3: Development Environment & Getting it Online

Week 4: Graphics! (HTML Part II)

Week 5: Page Layout (HTML Part III)

Week 6: SEO and Extra Topics: JavaScript, AJAX, Dynamic Content, Facebook Integration

Schedule may change based on class ability or interests. It is hoped students will be able to design, create, and maintain their own website by the end of class. Classes will consist of half lecture (about an hour) followed by hands-on practice to reinforce topics taught.